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What Does Usenet.SE Stand for?

Basically, Usenet.SE is the Swedish language hierarchy in Usenet. There are many different country/language newsgroup hierarchies in the Usenet community. Some examples are UK groups, Dutch groups (Netherlands), German groups, etc.

How Did the Usenet.SE Hierarchy Get Started?

Most language newsgroups are started by native speakers of the language who want to have newsgroups where they can speak in their own language with their fellow countrymen or fellow Swedish speakers and also want to discuss things particular to the nation of Sweden. It is a nice way for fans and speakers of the Swedish language and really, all things Swedish to come together and enjoy common topics of interest.

Where Can You Find the Usenet SE Groups?

You can find all or almost all of them on Fast Usenet news servers! You just need to look for the .SE hierarchy and you will see all Swedish language/subject groups. Of course, it helps if you know a little bit of Swedish… Otherwise, the names of those Usenet.SE groups might seem like a bunch of gibberish to you!

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