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What are the Science Newsgroups?

The science newsgroups in Usenet are great places for every self-respected scientist to do their research and to get expert opinion on some very specialized issues and problems. Whether you are interested in geography, chemistry, physics, biology or any other science field, Usenet is the place for you. There are many newsgroups dedicated to the issue of a given scientific area. Some of them really drill down to a specific problem and can contain very detailed and focused discussions between experts in the field.

What Can You Find in the Science Newsgroups?

Everything and anything! You can find the most incredible posts in some of these science newsgroups. Things that you definitely cannot find in the books or in other parts of the Internet. One of the most valuable features of the science newsgroups are the groups dynamics, the unique discussions that go on between professionals and experts who share their opinions and expertise with others. Whether you are an expert or a novice in the area, Usenet will most likely contain items of interest to you. There are text and binary (containing files) groups related to different sciences and they are all accessible to you, once you become a part of Usenet by joining a provider like Fastusenet.org.

What is the So-called Sci Hierarchy?

You may have heard about the famous Big 8 hierarchy. This hierarchy contains eight of the most popular newsgroup chunks, grouped by the nature of the discussions they contain. One of the groups that is involved in the BIG-8 hierarchy is the Sci.* hierarchy. The group is made up of discussions marked by special and usually practical knowledge, relating to research in, or application of the established sciences.

Some Examples of Science Newsgroups

Some examples of science newsgroups in the sci.* hierarchy are:

Sci.physics – group made up of technical discussion on physics.

Sci.math – group containing discussions on math by many different professors.

Sci.military.naval – a discussion newsgroup that talks about the Navy.

Sci.econ – group about economics, both macro and micro.

Sci.space.shuttle – group concerned with discussions about the Space Shuttles

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