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Recreational Usenet Hierarchy Newsgroups

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Recreational Newsgroups

A group that falls under the BIG-8 hierarchy are the rec.* groups. These groups include anything that is oriented towards the arts, hobbies, and recreational activities. Rec.* is a very broad hierarchy and has many other hierarchies that are under it. Some of the main hierarchies that are included in rec.* are: rec.arts, rec.autos, rec.aviation, rec.boats, rec.collecting, and rec.crafts.

Some of the most popular groups under this category are:

Rec.sport.football.college – this group pertains to college football and discussions on who is going to make it to the bowl games.

Rec.gambling.poker – group discussing the game of poker.

Rec.photo.digital – this group focuses on digital photographs and discussions about it.

Rec,game.pinball – this group is a discussion group about only one thing – pinball.

Rec.woodworking – a group solely for the purpose of discussing different techniques and hardware used in the craft of woodworking.

There are many more popular groups in the rec.* hierarchy but these are just a few of the groups that make it a popular hierarchy. Make sure when posting to a group, that you are in the group that is most relevant to your post as one might be created that is more specific to your discussion and not so broad of a topic.

Most posters will frown on this if you post in the more generalized topic group and not in the one that suits you better, so make sure you are posting in the most appropriate group before you go ahead and post your message.

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