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Quite simply, newsgroup thumbnails are thumbnails that can be viewed within a certain newsgroup. Such thumbnails are useful mostly for the preview and thumb nailing of picture files but can be used for video files as well.

Why Do You Need Newsgroup Thumbnails?

So why do you need to have a thumbnail feature? Well, as you probably know, the newsgroups in Usenet contain an enormous amount of pictures and videos. It would be nice if you could download them all for keepsake, but sometimes that is not possible, especially if you are on a bandwidth budget and you don’t have an enormous amount of hard drive space at home. If you do not subscribe to an unlimited account with your Usenet provider, then chances are you do have some kind of a daily, weekly, or monthly bandwidth usage limit.

As you may know, viewing actual pictures in Usenet can quickly eats up your download limits due to the high resolution of most of the images shared. Why? Because picture files are often large and quickly add up when you are looking for a certain kind of picture and to find it, you go through a large number of other pictures. Even if you did not want those other pictures, you had to view them first to determine whether you wanted to download them or not. So, viewing those “unwanted” pictures might soon put an end to your Usenet browsing experience for the day, once you hit your limit.

What Do Newsgroup Thumbnails Let You Do?

Having access to newsgroup thumbnails puts an end to all your download limit worries. This awesome feature that many high quality newsreaders have built it, allows you to preview Usenet pictures without that affecting your download limits. Using thumb nailing, you can simply look at the thumbnail of the pictures you are going through.

Once you find a picture that you wish to keep, you can then download it. But this way, you do not have to download all the other pictures you look through before finding one that you want – and thus you save your download limit for only files that you do want to have.

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