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What are Image Newsgroups?

Image newsgroups are simply groups in Usenet that contain various images, photos, and graphics. There are many image newsgroups today, for the many different tastes of the people who frequent Usenet.

What Can You Find in the Image Newsgroups?

You can certainly find all kinds of animated, hand-drawn, or photographic images. There is not limit to how many there can be in a certain newsgroup. You can build your photo album from scratch if you wish. Usenet is a great place to browse for pictures and appreciate their artistic qualities.

What are Examples of the Images in Image Newsgroups?

It is hard to go over and list everything that you may find in Usenet. We do not even know what kind of images there are in the certain newsgroups at any given point. There are just hundreds of thousands of them, there are new images posted every day. Old ones are being replaced with new ones and that keeps the content of the image newsgroups fresh and exciting for you. It is a good idea to check back in your favorite image newsgroups on a regular basis to make sure you don’t miss any great images that could have been posted by your fellow Usenet fans.

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