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What are German Newsgroups

Deutsche (German) newsgroups are normal newsgroups that can be either in the German language, or refer to topics related to Germany. You can recognize German newsgroups by the telltale ‘de’ prefix in the names of most such groups. That indicates “Germany” and a discussion group mostly in German.

Other prefix or suffix hints that tell you a newsgroup/list is probably in German: ‘at’ (Austria), ‘ch’ (Switzerland), and ger/german/gernet (German/Germany).  Almost all of the newsgroups with one of these symbols in the address are written in authentic German – written by Germans (or Austrians/Swiss) for Germans (or Austrians/Swiss). However, not all German-language newsgroups have ‘at’, ‘de’, or ‘ger’ in their addresses – it is hard to find those that do not without somehow knowing they contain German material.

What do German Newsgroups Contain

The range of German newsgroups is very wide, just like it is with other newsgroups. The newsgroups are all in German but the subjects can vary from German automobiles to German fashion. Chances are, if there is a subject that interests you there is at least one German newsgroup focused on that subject. Should you happen to stumble onto a topic that is not currently covered in a newsgroup, you can always start your own German newsgroup based on that subject.

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