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What is FAQ Newsgroup or Newsgroup FAQs?

What is meant by FAQ newsgroups is the Frequently Asked Question article that almost every group in Usenet contains. The purpose of this Frequently Asked Questions document is to explain the purpose of the newsgroup to newcomers, to outline the rules and procedures that are to be followed by group visitors, and to answer any questions they might have. Therefore, if you are newcomer in a given newsgroup, it is a good idea to check out the FAQ newsgroup article before asking any questions from the exiting members in the group.

There is a website, www.faqs.org that provides archives of most FAQ newsgroup messages. It’s just an easier way of getting to those messages without having to go the actual newsgroup in Usenet. FAQ newsgroup articles are posted in the newsgroup at least once and you shouldn’t have any problems finding and reading them. Then, if you have any other questions that are not answered in the FAQ message, you can direct those to the active group members so they can give you a reply. Now that you know the purpose of FAQ newsgroup messages, you will hopefully get in the habit of checking them out when in doubt as to whether you should subscribe to a given newsgroup or not. The FAQ messages are a great source of information about a newsgroup and what you can find in it.

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