SABnzbd Tutorial

Step 1: Download SABnzbd from the official website here.

Step 2: Launch the setup file and continue through the installation wizard.

Step 3: SABnzbd will launch in your default web browser. SABnzbd was created only for downloading NZB files and runs directly from your internet browser.

Step 4:Choose your SABnzbd theme. Classic is usually the easiest to use and read.

Step 5: Because SABnzbd runs from you local computer in a web browser you can access it from any location on your network. The screen below is where you can configure SABnzbd to run on the network. This tutorial does not cover network installation.
Click "Next" to continue installation.

Step 6: This is where you setup your Fast Usenet account to work with SABnzbd. Please use the following information to configure SABnzbd.

Port: 119
Username: Your Fast Usenet username
Password: Your Fast Usenet password
Connections: 45

Step 7: If you have an account with either Newzbin or NZBMatrix you can configure it here. If you setup these accounts SABnzbd will automatically download NZB files from the NZB index sites when entering the URL in the main SABnzbd load page.

Step 7: This is the main page for SABnzbd where you can load NZB files into the program from either a URL (NZBMatric or Newzbin) or by downloading an NZB from a NZB search engine and opening the file in SABnzbd for download.

Step 8: The queue menu will show the files that are downloading. You will be able to see how much longer the file will take to download, the speed at which the files are downloading, and you can also limit download speeds.

Step 9: The configuration menu can be used to change the settings in SABnzbd such as "Usenet Server" settings, default download folder, and more.

Step 10: When a NZB file it loading into SAB it will appear similar to the image below.

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