Usenet & NZB Files

An NZB file contains a list of pointers to the parts of a file that you can downloaded from Usenet. You can open NZB files with newsreader programs such as SABnzbd, GrabIt and Newsleecher.

When you open an NZB file your newsreader will connect to Usenet and download each part necessary to complete the entire file. After all the parts are downloaded the newsreader will piece together all the parts to create the file.

GrabIt NZB Tutorial

In this tutorial we will explain how to use NZB files with the GrabIt newsreader. Fast Usenet provides a customized version of GrabIt which comes configured with our server settings. This allows for fast and easy setup of our service. Let's begin.


Step 1: Download and install GrabIt from the Fast Usenet members area.


Step 2: After you have setup and configured GrabIt you can visit your favorite NZB search site to find an NZB file. In this tutorial we are going to search for "Ubuntu". (Ubuntu is a free version of the Linux operating system)


NZB tutorial - search


Step 3: You then have to save the NZB file to your computer. Save it somewhere so you can easily find it in the next step.


Save NZB file


Step 4: The NZB file will look similar to this once saved to your computer.

NZB file icon


Step 5: Now we need to open GrabIt and click on the "Batch" tab. After you click on the "Batch" tab you will notice the "NZB Import" option in the top tool bar. Click it.


Import NZB file into GrabIt


Step 6: When the "GrabIt - Import batch file" window opens click on "Add" and locate the NZB file on your computer. After you find the NZB file open it.


GrabIt import batch file window


Step 7: GrabIt will start the NZB importing process then go out and download all the required pieces of the file.


GrabIt batch window


Step 8: Once the pieces are done downloading GrabIt will put all the files together and output the finished file to the "extract folder". The extract folder can easily be located by clicking "Extract Folder" in the top tool bar.


GrabIt extract folder