Newsleecher Setup Tutorial

Step 1: Download the trial version of Newsleecher for the official Newsleecher website.

Step 2: Launch the newly downloaded .exe file and continue through the installation Wizard.

Step 3: When Newsleecher opens for the first time choose the "Manager" and click on "Add" to configure Newsleecher with Fast Usenet.

Step 4: When the "Server Setup" screen appears enter the following information.

Server Address:
Server Nickname:
Port: 119
Connections: 45
Username: Your Fast Usenet login name
Password: Your Fast Usenet password

Then click "OK"

Step 5: After you click "OK" you'll noticed in the right panel of Newsleecher you can subscribe to Newsgroups. Click "Fetch Entire Group List" to download a fresh copy of the newsgroups from our servers.

After the list has finished you can use the search feature to find a newsgroup. In this tutorial we did a search for the keyword "BMW" which then displays all the newsgroups with BMW in it.

Step 6: Click on the "Articles" tab in Newsleecher and you should now see in the left panel. To download all the headers on that newsgroup "Right click" on the group and select "Update" -> "All News Header".

Newsleecher will now connect to our servers and download all the headers for that newsgroup. You can then browse the newly downloaded headers in the right panel of Newsleecher.

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