Newsbin Pro Setup Tutorial

Step 1: Download our customized version of Newsbin Pro from the Fast Usenet members area.

Step 2: Launch the "fastusenet_org_nbp.exe" setup file and continue through the installation.

Step 3: Enter your Fast Usenet login information.

Step 4: Set your connection limit to 45.

Step 5: Because you are a member you receive a special $10 discount on Newsbin Pro if you decide to purchase the full version.

Step 6: When Newsbin launches for the first time "Right Click" one of the custom groups and choose "Add Group". The add group window will pop up. Click on "Download Groups List From Server". This will download the newest group list from our servers. When the list has completed downloading use the "Search" function to find a newsgroup that interests you. In this tutorial we are using the keyword BMW.

Step 7: When you find the newsgroup you want to subscribe to place a "Check" in the box to the left of it and choose "OK".

Step 8: You are now subscribed to that newsgroup and can start downloading the articles. To download the latest articles "Right Click" on the group and choose "Download all headers". Newsbin will connect to our servers and download the latest messages in the group.

Step 9: Newsbin Pro can also be used for downloading NZB files. Once you have found an NZB file and saved it to your computer, click on "Load NZB" in Newsbin and locate the NZB file. Newsbin will download all the message in the NZB file and automatically repair and unpack it for you.

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