Setup Thunderbird As Usenet Newsreader

Step 1: Download Mozilla Thunderbird from the official homepage here.

Step 2: Launch the newly downloaded .exe setup file and continue through the installation.

Step 3: Now we need to configure Fast Usenet with Thunderbird. Click on "Tools" in the top menu bar of Thunderbird and select "Account Settings".

Step 4: When the "Account Settings" screen appears choose "Account Action" at the bottom below the left panel and select "Add Other Account".

Step 5: Choose the "Newsgroup account" radio button and click next.

Step 6: Enter your information as you want it to appear when you post messages to the newsgroups.

Step 7: Enter the Fast Usenet server address:

Step 8: Set the account name as:

Step 9: Click on in the left panel and choose "Manage newsgroup subscriptions" in the right panel. The "Subscribe" window will appear. Enter your Fast Usenet username and password.

Step 10: Once the newsgroup list has completed downloading use the "Show items that contain" option to search for newsgroups you are interested in. In this tutorial we are using the keyword BMW. When you find a newsgroup place a check mark in the box to the right of it's name to subscribe to it.

Step 11: Now back at the main window you will see the newsgroup listed below "". Click on the newsgroup and Thunderbird will prompt you to download the message headers.

Step 12: When the message headers have completed downloading you can browse all message in the right panel.

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