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I'm receiving an authentication error. Why?

If you have reached your bandwidth limit for the current billing period you will be denied access until your bandwidth limit resets at midnight at your next billing cycle. To check your current bandwidth usage please visit the members area.

Free Trial Authentication Error

The Fast Usenet free trial lasts for 14 days or 15 gigabytes of bandwidth. If you use the 15 gigabytes within the free trial period of 14 days then your access will be disabled until you activate full monthly membership. To active your full account please visit the Fast Usenet members area and choose the option to "Start Account".

Billing Failed - Credit Card

Your account could be disabled because we weren't able to successfully charge your credit card for the current billing period. To check if billing failed please log into the members area and visit the billing history link in the members resources section.

Billing Agreement Suspended - PayPal

If your billing agreement with PayPal has been suspended your account will be disabled. You can check if your billing agreement has been disabled from the members area at For more information on why a billing agreement can become suspended please visit our associated knowledgebase article.

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