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What Is Usenet Spam?

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What Is Newsgroup Spam?

We’re talking about spam and not the meat in the can. In the most basic definition spam is anything that is wasted bandwidth with excessively quoted material. Spam is a stupid thread of meaningless junk like “Make Money Fast” or other bogus things they try to get you to buy or log onto.

Newsgroup spam is similar to the spam you get in your email. But here spam is spread over the newsgroups plaguing them with nonsense and what drives most people nuts is that spam shows up in newsgroups that aren’t related at all. You’ll see spam on “How to lose fat in 30 days” in a discussion group for cancer. I’m not trying to scare you here about spam but just letting you know what you run into once and while here at Fast Usenet.

Spam Prevention and Filtering

We have many filters running on all of our servers to help prevent spam articles for ever being posted or sent to other Usenet providers. Our filters prevent 90% of the spam that comes through the newsgroups. It’s nice to read your news or download your binaries without wasting time and bandwidth on spam articles. Also remember that one of the easiest ways to deal with spam when you encounter it? Just ignore it and move on.

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