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What are ES Usenet Newsgroups?

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There are many specialized newsgroups in Usenet. Although most of them are in English, there are quite a few groups in other languages. ES newsgroups are one example of these groups, which are newsgroups in Spanish. The Spanish language is one that is being spoken more and more in the world and that is why there is a hierarchy for Spanish newsgroups. The ES extension is usually at the end of the newsgroup but some groups will contain the ES within the name. Some more of the popular ES newsgroups are es.binarios, es.charla, es.ciencia, es.comp, es.misc and es.rec.

The ES newsgroups just like any other newsgroup will have many different groups pertaining to just about anything a person can imagine. The text newsgroups are a great place for a person fluent in Spanish to find information on just about any topic they can think of, and converse with people in their own language. The ES newsgroups are a great source of information for people from Spanish-speaking countries. ES newsgroups are a good way to learn another culture as well; by viewing the discussions in these newsgroups you can learn the language in a way.

Having such diversity in Usenet is what makes it so great. You can connect with a person half way around the globe and not even have to leave the comforts of your own home.

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