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Virgin Media Imposes Download Limits

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Virgin Media Bandwidth Throttling

UK Internet service provider Virgin Media is testing a bandwidth throttling system that limits speeds on peer-2-peer networks and Usenet newsgroups disappointing many of their user base in the process.

Virgin Media for along time has limited P2P traffic during peak hours of the day to help ensure consistent download speeds for their customers. The change to now throttle Usenet users is another step taken to reduce network congestion.

Virgin media said in a public news release that the new traffic throttling system is in a trial period for one week starting March 2nd between 17:00 and 00:00. Between those times the P2P and newsgroup upstream traffic will be managed in similar ways. If the trail period is successful Virgin will launch the new download restrictions immediately the company said.

Virgin Media Customer Feedback

Virgin has invited their users to give feedback about the download limit trials and users are suppose to contact Virgin if their Usenet experience is affected. At this time it is unclear whether Virgin can impose this new policy on a user to user basis.

The clamp down will apply on top of the existing traffic shaping Virgin Media has in place and will affect all packages, including the previously unrestricted 100mb Internet service deal. We suggest that if you are a Virgin media member you contact Virgin media if your Usenet service starts to degrade in speed.


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