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Usenet Web Interface

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Usenet Web Gateways provide an easy way of browsing Usenet. Usenet Web Gateway solutions can be looked at as translators which understand both the protocols governing Usenet transfers (NNTP) and the protocols of World Wide Web (HTTP).

Most often the Usenet web gateways are provided as an additional service by your Usenet provider. These gateways are often developed by the same people who have developed the news server software and work seamlessly as a port of the news server on the Internet.

There are also free Usenet web gateways. Google is the prime example. A few years ago Google acquired DejaNews, a company which was creating a massive Usenet archive. After expanding the archive, Google made it available to the public and today everyone can browse these text group archives for free.

The major benefit of using a Usenet web gateway is the fact that it replaces the need for specialized software. Even binary groups can be viewed and fully decoded using a Usenet web gateway. For example, downloading and opening a picture from Usenet is as easy as clicking the link with the subject of the posted article. The gateway automatically downloads, decodes, and opens the attached picture, displaying it in the form of a web page. The once convoluted and difficult downloading of binaries from Usenet is now a matter of just browsing web pages the way we do it everyday on the net.

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