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Usenet Trolls

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Usenet trolls are not big and green creatures that live under a bridge but sometimes you never know. A troll will sooner or later propose creating one or more new newsgroups to further everyone’s pain in Usenet. Trolls do this simply because they think that the people in the group are really lame and they should move to another group. Once the troll stays in a group long enough someone will create a new alt.flame group named after the troll.

Trolls generate an intelligence drain, meaning that when a troll creates havoc in a newsgroup, all discussions will become less intelligent and less useful to all other participants. When things get heated, people concentrate on flaming and flaming only. Some more examples of trolling is that trolls tend to post extremely long messages, in which the original words that they seem to reply to, are misinterpreted, pulled out of context or simply ignored.

Since they only use a serious subject to hide their true intent (which is trolling), they tend to be impervious to reason. Replying to their posts and taking them seriously only gives them new fuel to add to their fire, and sooner or later, you will find yourself under a barrage of personal attacks and flames. The only way to deal with trolls is just to ignore them and to go about your business having fun talking with other people on Usenet. Forget about the trolls and they will not bother you again.

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