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Usenet Newsgroup Hierarchies (Categories)

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What are Newsgroup Hierarchies

All newsgroups in Usenet are divided into several major categories by the first word or level in the newsgroup names. The so-called “Big 8,” most common first-level categories include: comp.* (computer discussions), rec.* (recreational interests), soc.* (social discussions), talk.*, sci.* (scientific topics), misc.* (miscellaneous topics), news.* (news discussions), and humanities.* (humanities discussions). More specific newsgroup categories include: can.* (Canadian groups), k12.* (kinder garden to grade 12 discussions), etc.

Why Usenet Needs Hierarchies

Following the newsgroup naming convention and the hierarchy categorizations makes it convenient for system administrators to restrict access to a specific newsgroup or to a given series of newsgroups. Some newsgroup subjects can be quite controversial. Others may be less applicable to a specific group of users. For example, administrators could restrict access to all of the newsgroups that start with “alt.folklore.”

System administrators of Usenet service providers have no obligation to carry all of the existing newsgroups and may choose to omit certain groups from their newsgroup portfolio, if they do not think their users should access to them. However, most good premium service providers, such as Fast Usenet opt for allowing access to almost all newsgroups out there because we do not want to censor the content of Usenet and we choose to give our users the discretion of doing so.

Uncensored Newsgroup List

Therefore, with providers like Fast Usenet you can count on unrestricted access to all the newsgroups out there. Thus, users do not have to worry about not having access to their favorite newsgroup. To view a list of all the newsgroups that we provide you can use our newsgroup search feature and if you don’t find your favorite newsgroup simply contact our support team and we’ll add your newsgroup.

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