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Usenet Newsgroup Data Feeds

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What Are Newsgroup Feeds?

Newsgroup Feeds are just another way to name the articles that circulate in Usenet, the huge online community that contains files and discussions you can’t find elsewhere on the Internet. They are called feeds because the news servers that host Usenet are fed with those articles by many Usenet providers around the world (called peers).

These peers exchange posts, or feeds among each other to ensure each peer can offer as complete picture of a given newsgroup as possible. This is referred to as newsgroup completion which is a very important factor when it comes to looking for a Usenet provider. Not every provider can offer the same amount of feeds that others can. Therefore, it is not the same whether you are with a premium Usenet provider like Fastusenet.org or with some small newly popped up firm that has no idea what completion means to the customer.

Usenet Peering

Premium companies like Fast Usenet know how important it is to have peers and to manage the relationship with your peers well so they allocate a great amount of time and resources to making sure they have all the newsgroup feeds they can from other providers in the industry. This leads to a high newsgroup completion which means that you will be able to find all parts of the posts that you need. So when looking for complete and up-to-date newsgroup feeds, you know where to go.

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