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Newsgroup article refers to a few things in the world of Usenet. One is what you see on your screen when you log into the server and start researching through the newsgroup articles. The articles will have information in the header which represents them. You’ll see things like the name of the person who posted the article (if they chose to disclose that), their email address, program used to post the message, or you might not see anything at all except the name of the file itself because users in Usenet may remain anonymous if they choose so. Articles are either text or binary with a text header that has basic information about the article

A text article has just posts and replies that end up creating threads to the initial topic. Binary articles have files attached to them that might be audio or it might be a multipart to a video. When you view articles they might look like a bunch of messed up words and numbers because that’s when you see the code. If you use a newsreader it will then decode it for you and make it viewable with a graphic user interface that you will understand.

For example with Outlook Express as your newsreader, you’ll see an audio file in multiple parts but with a newsreader like GrabIt, you’ll see the audio file  as one piece which makes it very convenient for the user because you just research, find, click, and download to your computer. For further information and access to Usenet articles, sign up with Fastusenet.org.

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