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Usenet News Hierarchy

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A group in the BIG-* hierarchy that has many different groups in it is the news.* hierarchy. It is a group that contains groups relating to the news network and software themselves. Just like another group in the BIG-8 misc.* it has many different variations of group names and some of the groups although different will be the exact same newsgroups.

Some of the different groups in news.* are:

News.hierarchy – a group only related to news administrators wanting new hierarchies to be created.

News.admin.net.* – this is another hierarchy in itself that has many groups below it, and they all relate to news administrators involved with newsgroups and discussions for them to ask questions and look for help with problems. One of these groups under this hierarchy includes a group where they can report newsgroup abuse, in the form of spam.

News.software.readers – this group discusses the different types of newsreaders and discusses troubleshooting the problems that people are having with them.

There are many more popular groups in the news.* hierarchy but these are just a few of the groups that make it a popular group title. Make sure when posting a group that you are in the group that is most relevant to your post as one might be created that is more specific to your discussion and not so broad of a topic. Most posters will frown on this if you post in the more generalized topic group and not in the one that suits you better, so make sure you are posting in the most appropriate group before you go ahead and post your message.

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