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Discuss Your Favorite Movies on Usenet

So where do you go if you want to find out information and reviews about a specific movie?? You would probably go to Yahoo or MSN and click on “Entertainment.” Well, that is one easy way to find very basic, brief info about current movies. But how about if you want to read unique information about movies that are coming up in a few months or very old movies that have been forgotten by almost everyone a long time ago? What about international movies, or amateur movies, or really unpopular movies, or movies made by people in their backyards?

Try looking for them on Yahoo or MSN – I guarantee you will not have much luck. Well, you can relax – there is a place where you can do all that plus more, that place is Usenet. With access to newsgroups you can read about and discuss your favorite movies and everything related to them. There are thousands of people talking about their favorite movies in the newsgroups everyday.

Once you become a Usenet member, you can join the discussions about your favorite movies right away! All you have to do is access the newsgroups with a newsreader software or via the provider’s web gateway and find the newsgroup(s) that contain what you are looking for.

What Movie Newsgroups Exist

It is incredible how much information about movies is contained in Usenet – there is information about cult movies, (e.g. alt.cult-movies.zombies or alt.cult-movies.alien); film makers (e.g. alt.discussion.hitchcock or alt.discussion.copolla) and more.

There are also newsgroups dedicated to various movie-related discussion topics, such as festivals (alt.film-festivals), filmmaking (alt.movies.cinematography),  and many other newsgroups where you can meet with people from all over the World and talk about your favorite films.

These are just some examples of newsgroups that you can visit and talk about movies with different people from all around the World. The newsgroups are a place where you can read all about movies, you can even find information that you cannot find anywhere else. So, if you are a movie maniac or just want to keep an edge on all the latest movie news and discussions then Usenet is the place for you.

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