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Usenet Misc Hierarchy

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The hierarchy of misc.* is a popular group as one of the BIG-8 hierarchies. It is a group that address themes not easily classified under any of the other headings, or which incorporate themes from multiple categories. Misc.* groups are usually busier then other groups because they are general and broad groups that people will post in trying to find more people to discuss their topics with.

Some of the most popular groups in this hierarchy are:

Misc.answers – this group is full of FAQ’s for different groups, and people asking questions about them.

Misc.consumers – this group contains consumers that discuss different products and what they like or dislike about that certain item.

Misc.computers.forsale – this group is exactly what it sounds like, a place for people to sell used computers, there is also a repost group for people that miss the first posting.

Misc.forsale.computers – this group is the same as the previous, just the words are changed around, so you can see the many groups in misc.* can have different variations of the same group.

There are many more popular groups in the misc.* hierarchy, but these are just a few of the groups that make it a popular group title. Make sure when posting a group that you are in the group that is most relevant to your post as one might be created that is more specific to your discussion and not so broad of a topic. Most posters will frown on this if you post in the more generalized topic group and not in the one that suits you better, so make sure you are posting in the most appropriate group before you go ahead and post your message.

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