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Download Speeds At Fast Usenet

Usenet speed at Fast Usenet is a subject that you can talk about for hours. First of all we don’t set speed caps on our servers so you we can handle any connection such as Fiber, DSL, or Cable Internet. But there are a few things to keep in mind when you log in and start downloading for the day you might hit a few bumps in the road.

Your speed will be determined by such things as Internet traffic, your Internet connection speed, and your route to our servers. If you ever experience decreased speeds while connected to our servers you can try running speed tools online to help track speed or you can run a “tracert” from the command prompt on your PC or Mac.

The tracert will tell us where you are getting bottled-necked on the internet. It will tell you if it’s our ISP or yours. Along with Usenet speed we also allow you to use more bandwidth on our service.

We allow you to open fifty download streams per server. Now you’ll need a multi-server news reader to be able to make this work like; NewsBin Pro or GrabIt. Those are just a few examples of news readers that can pull multiple streams from our servers.

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