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Usenet Binary Files

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Usenet binaries are a type of file that is widely used in the Usenet community. Usenet binaries probably take up close to 99% of the Usenet information out there. A binary file is basically a file containing binary data, random bytes or words, as opposed to a text file, containing only printable characters.

Common classes of binary files are programs in machine language ready to load into memory and execute. The Usenet binaries however are larger files such as images, .exe’s, or multimedia files such as divx and avi. These larger files are broken down into smaller files making up Usenet binaries. The binaries are then broken up into these files by different programs and have to be put back together by the same program that usually breaks them down. For instance, the program WinRAR uses .rar as an extension on its files and the number it assigns to each part is the order, in which they need to be put back together.

Usenet binaries are a very helpful and effective way to transfer large files in the Usenet community. If it weren’t for binaries in Usenet, you would only be able to see text files in newsgroups. The problem with binaries is that if one of the files is missing, it will be hard to combine the files. An extra program that can use par files to replace the missing .rar’s can be used and will usually work for that purpose.

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