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Usenet Article Completion

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What is Usenet Completion?

Usenet Completion is what makes your use of Usenet more enjoyable. Usenet providers need to keep their retention very long, but that retention is useless if they do not have a very high Usenet completion rate as well. Usenet can only handle articles that are roughly 5,000 KB (around 5 MB) in size. Any articles posted by users that are over that size will be broken up into smaller pieces that will each fit into a single Usenet article. Most newsreaders can automatically do this for users when they upload large files. There are also other programs, like Power Post 2000, that can break down large files as well.

Usenet Completion in a Nutshell

If a user uploads a 20,000 KB file to a Usenet server, the file will be broken up into four different parts. Right now the completion rate on the server is 100% and the file is usable by everyone that goes into that group. If the Usenet server loses one of the four files, its completion rate is 75% and the file is now useless to everyone. At FastUsenet.org we try to make sure our completion rate is very high at all times (at least 95% complete). FastUsenet.org also has servers that send articles to servers and re-sends them if needed to complete all articles across all servers. This redundant system allows us to maintain a very high Usenet completion rate.

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