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Unlimited and Unrestricted Downloading

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Unrestricted Downloading

Who wouldn’t want unlimited downloads? The answer is Usenet providers. Unlimited downloads are an extreme advantage to end users but a costly expense for companies that provide them.

What does unlimited download really mean? Depending on the situation, this could mean users could download whatever they want, and as much as they want without being charged per megabyte or per gigabyte. Some Usenet providers have daily download limits and some have monthly download limits. At Fast Usenet we offer both options.

Usenet providers that have daily download limits prevent users from downloading over a certain amount in a given day. These values are typically reset every day at a certain time. An unlimited account would typically allow these users to download all day/night long without interruption.

Providers that have monthly download limits will set a mega/gigabyte limit per month. A typical subscriber will get maybe 20 gigabytes for the month. Once the server calculates that this user has downloaded 20 gigabytes, service is suspended with the option upgrade to a higher bandwidth package if so desired. An unlimited account without a monthly download limit would be nice, preventing a repurchase in the middle of the month.

Unlimited Downloading at Fast Usenet

Unlimited downloads are a major commodity for end users in the Usenet environment. Not every provider offers an unlimited accounts. Places like Fast Usenet offer truly unlimited access for a reasonable, consumer-friendly price. If you have ever heard the term “more bang for your buck,” you’ve come to the right place.

For just $9.95/month you’ll get access to our Unlimited account which includes extra features only offered with our service. Features such as 256bit SSL encryption, included newsreader with search, web browser news gateway, and a mobile device friendly newsreaders. Sign up for one of our great plans and see why more and more people are choosing Fast Usenet each and every day. If you aren’t sure if we offer the right Usenet for you. Sign up for our free trial offer and experience Fast Usenet service free for 14 days or 15 gigabytes of transfer. Please visit our free trial page to learn more.

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