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What are the UK Newsgroups?

The name is quite self-explanatory. The UK newsgroups are newsgroups that are focused on UK-related material, for examples British movies, British jokes, British comedies, British cartoons, British music and in general, all things British. Obviously, the UK newsgroups are in English, just their subjects differ from the rest of the newsgroup hierarchies in Usenet. Because there are so many UK newsgroups today, a need for separate newsgroup hierarchy was created and a new UK hierarchy was started.

How Do I Recognize the UK Newsgroups?

Quite simply, the UK newsgroups all begin with a “uk.” prefix for easy recognition and searching purposes. These foreign language speaking newsgroup naming conventions make it very easy for everyone to locate the newsgroups of the specific language they are looking for. For example, besides the UK newsgroups, there are also DE (Deutsch or German) newsgroups, NL newsgroups (standing for the Netherlands, or newsgroups in Dutch), ES newsgroups (in Spanish), etc.

What Are Some Popular UK Newsgroups?

To give you an example of what UK newsgroups there are in Usenet, we will mention a few newsgroups which represent only a small part of what the whole UK newsgroup hierarchy contains. uk.games.computer.misc, uk.jobs.wanted, uk.local.hampshire, uk.people.consumers.ebay, uk.philosophy.atheism, etc.

As you can see, just like with the rest of the US newsgroups, the UK newsgroups contain discussions on a wide variety of subjects, including politics, science, jobs, eBay, computer games, and so much more. It’s a whole different world there so if you are looking for some news groups and some variety in Usenet, you can check out the UK newsgroups.

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