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What Are Text Newsgroups?

Text newsgroups in Usenet are intended for posting text messages only. They are predominantly used for discussions on a variety of topics (academic, scientific, technological, political, etc). Discussions in text newsgroups can range from very broad topics that virtually everyone can participate in, to very narrow, specialized topics that experts in a given area usually participate in.

Regardless of the topic in the particular group, messages (articles) containing attachments (binaries) should not be posted in text only newsgroups. Sometimes members of the text group can “flame” users who violate that rule. If you wish to post a message containing a file, you should consider the binary newsgroup concerned with the specific topic (if one exists).

Most Usenet providers have a higher retention rate in text newsgroups because the text messages are smaller in size than messages with attachments and do not take as much room on the servers and can therefore be retained for longer periods of time.

Although you cannot find and download any binaries in the text newsgroups, there is an enormous amount of invaluable knowledge and information, which is hard to find elsewhere. Binary newsgroups are good for providing different downloadable files, including games, audio, video, software programs, etc. but it is more likely that you will find the information you are looking for in the text groups, rather than in the binary ones.

For the specific rules that a given group follows, please refer to the group’s FAQ article, which is usually posted in the newsgroup at all times for new members to read.

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