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Team Fortress 2 for Free

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Team Fortress 2 is following in the path of farming Facebook games, time-sink mobile apps, failed MMOs and Asian kart racers. Valve’s funny shooter is now free to download and play on PC and Mac computers.

Steam users can now download and play the full version of Team Fortress 2— including all 9 character classes, all the official and mod-made levels, and the game’s large quantity of updates — absolutely free of charge.

Valve, the game’s creator who has created other popular titles like Half Life and Portal, will only earn revenue from the games popular virtual market of in-game hats and arsenal of upgraded guns. That content can also be unlocked for free if certain achievements are unlocked during gameplay.

Team Fortress 2 lead developer Robin Walker assured the online gaming community that nonpaying gamers will not be forced to view advertising, there won’t be a premium subscription model and having a large amount of cash won’t automatically let you purchase the best weapons and destroy the competition.

He also advised that free items, which are currently rolled out regularly, will still be available to gamers who are using the free version of the game, and these items will become available at the same time older paid users receive them.

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