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Searching Usenet Newsgroups

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Usenet is one of the fastest growing and evolving parts of the Internet. As a worldwide forum for sharing ideas, opinions and even binary files, it contains billions of posts from millions of different users. As the content expands further, it is essential to develop intelligent search engines which can help people find what they are looking for in a quick and efficient manner.

Today, probably the best way to search Usenet is by using the Google search engine. Since Google acquired the leading Usenet archive service (DejaNews) a few years ago, it consolidated a huge archive of current and past Usenet posts. Google then applied its web searching algorithms and enabled anyone to browse and search any non-binary groups for posts going many years back. These archive and search capabilities have enabled millions of users to filter out exactly what they need from the humongous mass of Usenet posts.

Today the challenge of Usenet searching goes beyond text messages. As the Usenet is shaping up more and more as a file sharing medium, a powerful search function is essential for everyone browsing it. Binsearch.net is the current leader in this effort with its innovative algorithms of scanning thousands of groups and returning only articles meeting certain criteria. Some of the more advanced newsreaders, like GrabIt, also provide limited Usenet search capabilities.

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