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Public Usenet Servers

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What is a Public Server?

Public Servers are servers that allow the general public access to Usenet and can post articles for free. There are many sites that list these public servers. You can read the articles off of these sites or through a newsreader (a program to help find and organize newsgroups and servers). Public servers are open to everyone to use and post articles.

Finding Public Servers

There are many ways to find public servers. One way is to use a search engine to find servers that carry the topic you want. Another way is to use a newsreader that finds servers for you. Once you find a public server that carries newsgroups that you want, you must be careful of a few more items.

First, the server’s resources can be used up quickly by the download of lots of articles, especially large binaries. Binaries are items such as pictures. Second, there can be lots of “spam,” newsgroups with advertisements etc. Finally, don’t be surprised if you get a message that says the server is no longer available.

Problems with Public Servers

The problem with many of these so called public servers is that they become public only by accident. What happens is that a news server administrator inadvertently allows the public to access the server. It doesn’t take long for the administrator to discover the mistake and remove access to the server, since they don’t want their service to be limited by non-customers using their server. Because of this, many public servers are available only for a short period of time.

More Reliable Servers

If you want more reliable access to large numbers of newsgroups, you should use a commercial service provider that carries what you want. A good example of a quality Usenet provider with access to many servers, including binaries, is Fast Usenet.

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