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Public Usenet Newsgroups

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Public Usenet refers to news servers that provide free Usenet access to the public. There are over 100,000 newsgroups in Usenet and most Internet Service Providers provide access only to a subset of newsgroups. The most common newsgroups are available from Internet Service Provider companies, but sometimes you may wish to explore newsgroups offered by other news service providers like Fastusenet.org. Fastusenet.org gives you full access to 100,000 newsgroups from audio to movies and just about anything else under the sun.

A huge number of news service providers make some of their news servers available to the public for people who don’t have any other means of access or just for testing reasons. In order to get access to a public news server, you’ll need to add it to your news reader program, like Outlook Express, Xnews, NewsBin Pro, or News Rover. Once you have the public news server configured in your news reader, you will be able to view news, post news, or download binaries if they are available on that public server.

If your Internet Service Provider doesn’t provide you with all the newsgroups you need, and public servers are not an option, you may want to consider a news service provider like Fastusenet.org. For a small fee, you will have access to over 100,000 newsgroups on what ever topic your heart desires.

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