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Posting New Messages To Usenet

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Article posting has really become a huge part of Usenet because with posts coming in and going out, there really wouldn’t be much of a Usenet. We’re going to run through a few things on how easy it is to post at FastUsenet.org. Some guidelines and rules should be followed so that your posting experience at FastUsenet.org is a great one.

Posting Software

Fast Usenet is compatible with just about any Usenet software out on the market today but we’ll give you a few ideas on what types of software to try out. The first type of software that will upload or post is a newsreader. Just about every newsreader made has a posting tool built into it. Agent, Xnews, NewsBin Pro, News Pro, Outlook Express, and News Rover are all of our recommended newsreaders. Most of them can upload both text and binary. The other posting program that we recommend is Power Post 2000 which is a shareware program. It sets up so easy that you’ll be posting in about ten minutes; it’s that simple and user-friendly.


The guidelines are set into place so that you are guaranteed to have a great time while uploading. First, any binary like a  application needs to be broken down into multiple parts using a program called WinRar. The parts can’t be larger than 1MB per part. This helps on speed and efficiency of the posting traveling to the designated server.

Also, it is advisable to put at least 10 to 15 seconds between posts. And last but not least, no spamming or advertising is allowed. Remember, posting is a privilege, not a right. So go out there and have fun in the confines of the guidelines for uploading or posting.

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