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Posting and Creating Alt.News Newsgroups

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Creating Alt.News Newsgroups

No voting is required to create alt.news newsgroups, all you need to do is typically send a control message with a specific content to create it. This message will be posted on the news system just like any regular article. Some servers will automatically honor any “newgroup” control message it sees and will create the group; others will send a message to their news administrator who has to approve the creation of the group before it can go live.

It is very easy to create an alt newsgroup on Fast Usenet servers – you can start a newsgroup with any topic by simply calling, chatting, or emailing our technical support department or sending a request through our online support forum.

In general, the name of any newsgroup should be descriptive of its content, not offensive, not too long (length limits depend on the specific system), not all-numeric, and preferably not containing non-letter characters.

If you have any questions about creating alt.news newsgroups please let us know. We has customer service representatives standing by to help. If your interested in knowing if Fast Usenet carries the alt.news newsgroup you’re looking for you can use our newsgroup search feature, simply type the name of the newsgroup you’re looking for and hit search!

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