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Usenet Newsgroup Hierarchies (Categories)

What are Newsgroup Hierarchies All newsgroups in Usenet are divided into several major categories by the first word or level in the newsgroup names. The so-called “Big 8,” most common first-level categories include: comp.* (computer discussions), rec.* (recreational interests), soc.* (social discussions), talk.*, sci.* (scientific topics), misc.* (miscellaneous topics), news.* (news discussions), and humanities.* (humanities […]

Best Usenet Service Provider

Best Usenet Provider Award UsenetReviewz.com have awarded Fast Usenet with the Best New Usenet Provider 2011 Award. To read the full review visit their site at www.usenetreviewz.com. We have included a short summary of the award article below. “We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate FastUsenet.org on winning the “Best New Usenet Provider” […]

Posting New Messages To Newsgroups

Unwritten Rules of Posting to Newsgroups There are certain unwritten rules about newsgroup posting that we would like to write here and make you aware of so you can learn how to post responsibly. Many users (especially new Usenet users) do not know what is appropriate when posting and what isn’t. That is why they […]

Usenet Newsfeeds

What are Newsfeeds on Usenet? Newsfeeds are the information files that are uploaded and downloaded from the newsgroup community. Usenet is a bulletin board type system of linked computers that contain thousands of newsgroups, which are discussion areas organized by subject matter. Accessing Usenet Newsgroup Feeds In order to access the Newsfeeds on Usenet, you […]

Fastest Usenet Service Award

Fastest Usenet Service Provider Award 2011 Today Usenet Radar has awarded Fast Usenet the Fastest Usenet Service Award 2011. We are honored to receive the award and want to let all of our customers know that we strive everyday to create a faster, more secure and reliable Usenet network for everyone. Usenet Radar also posted […]

Popular Newsgroups

Which Newsgroups Are the Most Popular? Well, there are many of them and their subjects or topics of discussion are extremely diverse. Newsgroup popularity is measured by how many requests for that newsgroup there are in a given day or week. Many requests for a newsgroup mean many users are subscribing to that group and […]

Usenet Search Engines

Usenet in general holds an extreme amount of information. This concept offers millions of articles worldwide. Usenet contains massive terabytes of files and information for subscribers. Finding the “needle in a haystack” could surely be a problem when dealing with this much information. What would be nice is a Usenet search engine. A Usenet search […]

Newsgroup Administration

Most of the groups available in Usenet are free for anyone to post to. In most cases it is up to the poster to observe the rules of posting and not to spam or post off-topic in a newsgroup. However, there are also some groups which have appointed newsgroup administration bodies which ensure everyone is […]

Usenet Newsgroup Articles

Newsgroup article refers to a few things in the world of Usenet. One is what you see on your screen when you log into the server and start researching through the newsgroup articles. The articles will have information in the header which represents them. You’ll see things like the name of the person who posted […]

Public Usenet Newsgroups

Public Usenet refers to news servers that provide free Usenet access to the public. There are over 100,000 newsgroups in Usenet and most Internet Service Providers provide access only to a subset of newsgroups. The most common newsgroups are available from Internet Service Provider companies, but sometimes you may wish to explore newsgroups offered by […]

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