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Usenet Newsgroup Search

Search The Fast Usenet Newsgroup List See if Fast Usenet carries the newsgroup you are looking for with our Newsgroup search feature. Simply enter the name of the group you are looking for and we will tell you if we have it. You can also enter generic keywords to find newsgroups by topic such as […]

PayPal Now Accepted

Sign Up for Fast Usenet With PayPal Fast Usenet has added the option to pay using PayPal’s secure payment system. Over 95 million users around the World trust PayPal to handle their daily online transactions. You can now sign up for one of our great plans or take advantage of our free trial using your […]

Newsgroup Moderators

Who are the Newsgroup Moderators? Newsgroup moderators are usually energetically active Usenet members who donate their time and efforts to moderating certain groups that they are interested in. You can think of a Usenet/newsgroup moderator as a newsgroup administrator. This person regulates the content of the newsgroup and decides what goes in it and what […]

Usenet History Lesson

The History of Usenet Usenet started in the late 1970s in North Carolina. It was created by two Duke students who wanted to try to hook two computers together using UNIX. Another student at the University of North Carolina wrote the first newsreader in 1980. In 1981, a student at Berkeley wrote another version of […]

Usenet Providers

What is a Usenet Provider? Usenet Providers are companies that are in the business of offering access to the Usenet to commercial customers (often called resellers) and individual customers like you. There are many providers in the industry to choose from. We recommend Fastusenet.org as a providers that offer high quality, great completion, and outstanding […]

Usenet Newsgroup FAQ

Usenet Frequently Asked Questions Some Usenet newsgroups have what is known as a charter or F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions). This file contains a list of rules for that newsgroup stating what types of posts are acceptable in the group. A group’s charter or FAQ is the written policy of either the group’s creator or of […]

Usenet Newsgroup Data Feeds

What Are Newsgroup Feeds? Newsgroup Feeds are just another way to name the articles that circulate in Usenet, the huge online community that contains files and discussions you can’t find elsewhere on the Internet. They are called feeds because the news servers that host Usenet are fed with those articles by many Usenet providers around […]

Usenet Video Games

Where to Find Usenet Games Besides all the other types of files and software you can discover in Usenet, you can also find a multitude of different computer games (both Mac and PC) posted in various groups in Usenet. Some popular newsgroups for games are: alt.binaries.games, a;t.games, and others. There are also more specialized game […]

Newsgroup Longevity

Newsgroup Retention Time Newsgroups longevity in terms of Usenet is an interesting topic. How long a newsgroup may or may not survive in the Usenet environment is relative to many factors. Particular newsgroups need to be created, filled, and accepted by Usenet providers across the world in order to successfully survive. After this has happened, […]

Usenet Newsgroup Creation

Some tips on writing newsgroup proposals. What’s Newsgroup Proposal? A newsgroup proposal is a submission made to add a newsgroup on the topic of your choice. A newsgroup proposal is also known as a Request for Discussion (RFD). It is important to get directly to the point and to be persuasive in your proposal. What […]

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