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PAR2 (Parity) Binary Files

Par Binary Files Par binaries are binaries such as images, audio, and video that are in multiple parts when they are uploaded to the server. Par for parity or parts to help you out on PAR when you see them in a newsgroup. Pars are a must if you want your service to run smoothly […]

Outlook Express Newsreader Review

Outlook Express Review Microsoft Outlook Express is a free email client and a newsreader developed by Microsoft that is included as part of the Internet Explorer package. It has been pre-installed with every version of Windows since the release of Windows 98. The facts that it is free and is pre-installed on the majority of […]

Science Sci* Newsgroups

What are the Science Newsgroups? The science newsgroups in Usenet are great places for every self-respected scientist to do their research and to get expert opinion on some very specialized issues and problems. Whether you are interested in geography, chemistry, physics, biology or any other science field, Usenet is the place for you. There are […]

United Kingdom (UK) Newsgroups

What are the UK Newsgroups? The name is quite self-explanatory. The UK newsgroups are newsgroups that are focused on UK-related material, for examples British movies, British jokes, British comedies, British cartoons, British music and in general, all things British. Obviously, the UK newsgroups are in English, just their subjects differ from the rest of the […]

Encoded Usenet Binary Files

Encoding and Decoding Multi-Part Binary Files Multi-part binary files, or encoding/decoding multi-part binary files with the help of a compressing/decompressing program such as WinRar or 7Zip, is needed to be able to use binary files downloaded from Usenet. To encode and decode binaries basically means to combine the multiple parts of a huge binary file, […]

Usenet Customer Service

Usenet Customer Support People new to Usenet may experience problems either signing up or using the service. Any difficulties should be resolved quickly through the providing company’s support department. Nobody wants to buy a car that can’t be fixed. Support for Usenet newsgroups relies on the provider. Customers may or may not experience anything from […]

Newsgroups Soc.* Hierarchy

Social Usenet Newsgroups Hierarchy One of the BIG-8 groups in newsgroups is soc. This newsgroup hierarchy is made up of groups primarily addressing social issues and socializing. The hierarchies like many of the other BIG-8 are actually made up of many other hierarchies. Some of these lower hierarchies include soc.support, soc.religion, soc.org, soc.history and soc.genealogy. […]

Newsgroups Sci.* Hierarchy

Science Usenet Newsgroup Hierarchy One of the groups that is involved in the BIG-8 hierarchy is the sci.* hierarchy. This group is made up of discussions marked by special and usually practical knowledge, relating to research in, or application of the established sciences. Some of the sci.* groups are: Sci.physics – the group is made […]

Usenet2 Net Hierarchy

Usenet2 Hierarchy Some news administrators, unhappy with the way the Big-8 system developed, decided to start a project they called Usenet2. All Usenet2 groups are within a single hierarchy called net.* The idea behind Usenet2 is to avoid inaccurately named groups, to avoid any form of net-abuse and to control the chaos in Usenet. Contrary […]

Usenet Data Connections

Usenet Service Provider Data Connections Peers in newsgroups, as with peers in general, are relationships established between two or more parties for the mutual benefit of each other. A newsgroup peer is usually between two ISP’s or news services, for the purpose of exchanging traffic directly, rather than doing so through a backbone Internet provider. […]

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