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Usenet Server

What Is A Usenet Server My goal in this brief text is to describe what a Usenet server is and the basics of how one works. Those of you who already participate in Usenet may have never given a thought to how the underlying system of this useful part of the Internet works. If you […]

Is Your ISP Limiting Usenet Downloads?

ISP Usenet Bandwidth Throttling Some Internet Service Providers (ISP) have implemented what is best known as traffic shaping or bandwidth throttling to help lower the resources used on their networks. To counter these tactics used by ISP’s Usenet providers such as Fastusenet.org have implemented secure socket layer connections (SSL) that use alternative routes on the […]

Swedish SE* Newsgroups

What Does Usenet.SE Stand for? Basically, Usenet.SE is the Swedish language hierarchy in Usenet. There are many different country/language newsgroup hierarchies in the Usenet community. Some examples are UK groups, Dutch groups (Netherlands), German groups, etc. How Did the Usenet.SE Hierarchy Get Started? Most language newsgroups are started by native speakers of the language who […]

Premium Usenet

Want Premium Usenet Access? We hope you do. But in case you don’t, we’re here to tell you what it is and where you can find it. Premium Usenet Access is something that every Usenet user searches for. But as you may already know, it is getting harder and harder to find access to premium […]

Unlimited Usenet Newsgroups

What Are Unlimited Newsgroups? What is usually meant by the term “unlimited newsgroups,” is access to all the newsgroups that exist in Usenet. Sounds wonderful, you may think. Well it sure does, the only problem is that not all Usenet Service Providers offer their customers access to unlimited newsgroups. It is not difficult to find […]

Text Usenet Newsgroups

What Are Text Newsgroups? Text newsgroups in Usenet are intended for posting text messages only. They are predominantly used for discussions on a variety of topics (academic, scientific, technological, political, etc). Discussions in text newsgroups can range from very broad topics that virtually everyone can participate in, to very narrow, specialized topics that experts in […]

Usenet Download Speed

Download Speeds At Fast Usenet Usenet speed at Fast Usenet is a subject that you can talk about for hours. First of all we don’t set speed caps on our servers so you we can handle any connection such as Fiber, DSL, or Cable Internet. But there are a few things to keep in mind […]

PAR2 (Parity) Binary Files

Par Binary Files Par binaries are binaries such as images, audio, and video that are in multiple parts when they are uploaded to the server. Par for parity or parts to help you out on PAR when you see them in a newsgroup. Pars are a must if you want your service to run smoothly […]

Outlook Express Newsreader Review

Outlook Express Review Microsoft Outlook Express is a free email client and a newsreader developed by Microsoft that is included as part of the Internet Explorer package. It has been pre-installed with every version of Windows since the release of Windows 98. The facts that it is free and is pre-installed on the majority of […]

Science Sci* Newsgroups

What are the Science Newsgroups? The science newsgroups in Usenet are great places for every self-respected scientist to do their research and to get expert opinion on some very specialized issues and problems. Whether you are interested in geography, chemistry, physics, biology or any other science field, Usenet is the place for you. There are […]

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