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Usenet Xbox, Nintendo, Playstation Newsgroups

If you are a computer or video game fan, you must be hooked up to Usenet. This ever growing part of the Internet provides numerous ways of sharing information on games (PC, Xbox, PlayStation, etc). Usenet is something similar to a huge message board on which you can meet other people with interests similar to […]

Free Usenet Newsgroups

Free Newsgroups? Basically, newsgroups are a means of “public discussion,” using Usenet. (Usenet, in its basic form, is a set of computer servers that host newsgroup articles for people to look at) They are A place where people can post newsgroup articles (messages). These messages look similar to e-mails, but they could possibly be read […]

What is Dejanews? Where Did It Go?

What was DejaNews? The question is what is DejaNews, but the question really is what was DejaNews. DejaNews began as a site that was dedicated to searching and participating in discussion groups found on Usenet. It later changed its name to Deja.com. This change was due in part to the change of focus from general […]

Browsing Usenet with Firefox, Internet Explorer, Browsers

Browsing Usenet can be easily done with your Internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, and Safari (mac) or you can use third-party software called a newsreader that has its own interface that allows you to interact with the Usenet articles in many ways. We’ll start with the Internet browser that you can use […]

Fast Usenet Awarded Best New Usenet Provider 2010

Fast Usenet Awarded Our friends over at Newsgroupreviews.com wrote up a nice review about our service. Head over to Newsgroupreviews.com to read the full Fast Usenet review. “Fast Usenet” is new to the game but they bring a lot to the table. Launching in September 2010 with 732 days of binary retention, 1,400 days of […]

Usenet Binary Files Explained

Usenet Binary Files History of Binary Files Multi-Part Binaries Combing Binaries Downloading Binaries Encoding Binaries Extracting Files PAR Files PAR Software Usenet binaries are a type of file that is widely used in the Usenet community. Usenet binaries take up a good majority of the Usenet information out there. A binary file is basically a […]

UsenetReviewz Reviews Fast Usenet

UsenetReviewz Review of Fast Usenet Our friends over at “UsenetReviewz” wrote up a nice review about our service. Head over to Usenetreviewz.com to read the full review. “Fast Usenet is a Usenet service provider that provides fast and secure Usenet services to customers around the world. They offer an excellent retention rates, free trial, iPhone […]

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