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Creating A Usenet Newsgroup

Creating Usenet Newsgroups Newsgroups can be created upon the request of the Usenet customers. Customers may search for a particular newsgroup and find nothing that pertains to their subject and interest. Any newsgroup can be created as long as it falls within legal and acceptable guidelines. Most useful newsgroup names have already been taken but […]

Newsgroup Posts (Articles)

What Are Newsgroup Posts A newsgroup post is simply a message that was posted or uploaded in a certain group (or groups) in Usenet. Messages in Usenet are posted solely by the users, the Usenet Service Provider has nothing to do with the content that is being posted by people and hosted on their servers. […]

Private Usenet Newsgroups

What Are Private Newsgroups Private newsgroups contain both text and binaries and at Fast Usenet there are plenty of private newsgroups to choose from. “Alt, “Games”, “Humor”, and “Music” are just a few private newsgroups that Fast Usenet provides. Private newsgroups that have discussions in them are for people from all around the world having […]

Newsgroups Provider

Who Has The Best Usenet Service? Isn’t that the question haunting all of us, Usenet fans? It certainly was bothering me, before I discovered Fast Usenet. If you haven’t tried Fast Usenet, you don’t know what good Usenet service is all about! I am very serious. Over the 6 months I have been with Fast […]

Cartoon Newsgroups

Cartoon Usenet Newsgroups Cartoon newsgroups fall into discussion and binary newsgroups and at Fast Usenet there are plenty to choose from. Cartoon newsgroups are a place to take time out of your day and sit down and talk to other people from around the world that have the same interests as you. For starters, you […]

Newsgroups Talk Hierarchy

Usenet Talk Hierarchy One of the main newsgroups out there in BIG-8 groups is the talk.* hierarchy. This hierarchy is made up of groups that are largely debate-oriented and tending to feature long deliberations without decision and without substantial amounts of useful information. Talk.* groups are also broken down into many different other hierarchies just […]

Team Fortress 2 for Free

Team Fortress 2 is following in the path of farming Facebook games, time-sink mobile apps, failed MMOs and Asian kart racers. Valve’s funny shooter is now free to download and play on PC and Mac computers. Steam users can now download and play the full version of Team Fortress 2— including all 9 character classes, […]

Follow Me on Usenet

Researchers at the University of Georgia analyzed six years’ worth of Usenet posts, and you know what they discovered? Life isn’t fair. The most popular two percent of Usenet publishers who started discussion threads enjoyed 50 percent of all replies, while everyone else struggled for feedback. What made some post-starters more attractive than others? Thankfully […]

Automobile Newsgroups on Usenet

Automotive Usenet Newsgroups Have you ever had a question about where to find information on a certain car and didn’t know where to find it? Well, Fastusenet.org is the right place to look. There are many different newsgroups out there that just pertain to automobiles. Whether you are looking for information on your current car […]

Worldwide Internet Traffic Increases

It’s Only Going To Get Bigger Cisco announced yesterday that they foresee 15 billion connected devices by the year 2015. Worldwide Internet traffic will reach a staggering 970 Exabyte’s (1,024 petabytes). That is an insane amount of network traffic. 40% of the World’s population will be online and FastUsenet.org will be there to provide the […]

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