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What Are Binary Files on Usenet

What is a Binary File? A binary file is a non-text file that is encoded as a text file so that it can be transferred across the Usenet network. A binary file is any file that is not just normal text. When a Usenet user wants to be able to download videos, images, or software […]

Binary File Decompressor

Binary File De-Compressor A binary decompress or, also known as a binary compressor (since it does both compressing and decompressing), is simply a binary encoding/decoding program such as WinZip or WinRar. Those software applications are generally known as file compression programs in layman’s terms but the process is more commonly known as encoding and decoding […]

Belgian Usenet Newsgroups

Belgian Newsgroups Fast Usenet carries over 120,000 newsgroups and Belgian newsgroups (also known as BE Newsgroups) happen to be in that list for our overseas friends to use while at their homeland or when they are traveling so they can still plug into Belgian news. Belgian newsgroups are both binary and text but mainly text. […]

Posting New Messages To Usenet

Article posting has really become a huge part of Usenet because with posts coming in and going out, there really wouldn’t be much of a Usenet. We’re going to run through a few things on how easy it is to post at FastUsenet.org. Some guidelines and rules should be followed so that your posting experience […]

What Are Alt.Binary Newsgroups?

What Is The Alt. Newsgroup Hierarchy? The alt. newsgroup hierarchy is a first level newsgroup description that is meant for binaries. Binaries are the files that you download from Usenet such as pictures. If you do not know what a newsgroup is, it is a place within Usenet where you can post messages for others […]

Fast Usenet Affiliate Program – Make $10 Referral

Make Money Referring Customers to Fast Usenet Not only can you join our team and help spread the word about Fast Usenet Premium Usenet Access, you can get rewarded for your efforts. Our system tracks referrals and pays $10 commission of the final sale for every customer you send our way. How Much Can I […]

Posting and Creating Alt.News Newsgroups

Creating Alt.News Newsgroups No voting is required to create alt.news newsgroups, all you need to do is typically send a control message with a specific content to create it. This message will be posted on the news system just like any regular article. Some servers will automatically honor any “newgroup” control message it sees and […]

Alt.News Usenet Newsgroups

Alt Newsgroups Origin Some people claim that the term “Alt” comes from Alternative topics. Other groups say that Alt originally stands for Anarchists, Lunatics, and Terrorists. Alt news was created for users who wanted newsgroups to be started without voting, discussion, or administration. These groups can and will be created by the users request. The […]

Adding Newsgroups to Usenet

Newsgroups, often referred to as a discussion forum, have been around almost the beginning of the Internet. They enabled scientists to post questions and answers to each other. Today, however, newsgroups resemble virtual coffee shops, where people get together to discuss subjects of common interest. The exception with newsgroups though is that the communication is […]

How to Access Usenet Newsgroups

What are Usenet Newsgroups? First, you need to know what newsgroups are. A newsgroup is a place where people with some of the same interests, ideas, or hobbies can go to discuss and exchange ideas and news on a particular topic. There are various kinds of newsgroups available for you where you can find people […]

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