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Browsing Usenet with Firefox, Internet Explorer, Browsers

Browsing Usenet can be easily done with your Internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, and Safari (mac) or you can use third-party software called a newsreader that has its own interface that allows you to interact with the Usenet articles in many ways. We’ll start with the Internet browser that you can use […]

What are Biz Usenet Newsgroups?

Biz newsgroups are usually having less than 10 articles at the time of the listing. Most Biz newsgroups are moderated and have a straight line that must be followed. To add to it’s inception, various Biz sub-hierarchies have appeared where content is actually quite strictly regulated and which explicitly exclude commercial ads. Well what are […]

Binary Usenet Newsgroup Posting

What is Binary Posting? Binary posting is simply the process of posting binary files to the newsgroup-containing community called Usenet. Usenet is comprised of more than 120,000 newsgroups, each with its own area of interest. Some groups contain text discussions between hundreds or thousands of people throughout the world. Respectively, the groups containing discussions are […]

What are Binary Picture Newsgroups

What are Binary Pictures? Binary picture is another way of referring to the picture files that the Usenet newsgroups contain. Why are they called binary? Binary is a term that encompasses all files that the online Usenet community contains. There are many text articles in Usenet as well that contain discussions and conversations between people […]

History of Binary Usenet Newsgroups

A short time after people started utilizing Usenet as an all-text discussion forum, the users of certain newsgroups thought that this system would be ideal to share files with each other. However, the newsgroups were not designed to transfer binary files – they could only transfer text files. Users then thought of taking a binary […]

Free Usenet Binary Servers

Binary free server is a term that refers to the free access that users can get out on the Internet. There are some pros and cons about free servers and we’ll cover them both, so you and other users have a better understanding when you see the words “FREE”. Pros The pros are simple and […]

Fast Usenet Awarded Best New Usenet Provider 2010

Fastusenet.org has been awarded the “Best New Usenet Provider 2010” award by Newsgroupreviews.com! Our friends over at Newsgroupreviews.com wrote up a nice review about our service. Head over to Newsgroupreviews.com to read the full Fast Usenet review. “FastUsenet is new to the game but they bring a lot to the table. Launching in September 2010 […]

What Are Binary Files on Usenet

What is a Binary File? A binary file is a non-text file that is encoded as a text file so that it can be transferred across the Usenet network. A binary file is any file that is not just normal text. When a Usenet user wants to be able to download videos, images, or software […]

Binary File Decompressor

Binary File De-Compressor A binary decompress or, also known as a binary compressor (since it does both compressing and decompressing), is simply a binary encoding/decoding program such as WinZip or WinRar. Those software applications are generally known as file compression programs in layman’s terms but the process is more commonly known as encoding and decoding […]

Belgian Usenet Newsgroups

Belgian Newsgroups Fast Usenet carries over 120,000 newsgroups and Belgian newsgroups (also known as BE Newsgroups) happen to be in that list for our overseas friends to use while at their homeland or when they are traveling so they can still plug into Belgian news. Belgian newsgroups are both binary and text but mainly text. […]

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