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What are ES Usenet Newsgroups?

There are many specialized newsgroups in Usenet. Although most of them are in English, there are quite a few groups in other languages. ES newsgroups are one example of these groups, which are newsgroups in Spanish. The Spanish language is one that is being spoken more and more in the world and that is why […]

Downloading Binaries from Usenet

To download files from a newsgroup, of course you need to have access to that newsgroup first. So you’ll need a program to read newsgroups and a NNTP server that carries the newsgroup you want to open. If your ISP doesn’t have a NNTP server, or it has but it doesn’t carry the newsgroup you […]

Downloading from Usenet

There are many types of different files that can be found and download from Usenet. Some of these files include but are not limited to, images, exes, mpeg and avi files.  When a person downloads from Usenet, the files are usually posted as file attachments to the posted messages. These files are considered binaries and […]

Downloading from Newsgroups

Downloading from newsgroups is a little more challenging than downloading from a regular web or ftp site. There are two main reasons for that and both of them are related to Usenet’s underlying principles, so they will not be completely resolved anytime in the near future… The first reason is that Usenet was not designed […]

What Are Discussion Newsgroups

The discussion groups in Usenet are great, because they are a place where you can meet people that have the same interests in a specific area and also learn a great deal about things. The discussion groups can contain conversations between two people only or a whole bunch of people. Anyone can join the discussion […]

What is Dejanews? Where Did It Go?

What was DejaNews? The question is what is DejaNews, but the question really is what was DejaNews. DejaNews began as a site that was dedicated to searching and participating in discussion groups found on Usenet. It later changed its name to Deja.com. This change was due in part to the change of focus from general […]

Decoding Usenet Binary Files

Have you even wondered why it is that on Usenet you cannot simply download usable files in one step like you can with other programs? You have probably noticed that files are usually posted as multiple small files and you may be confused what to do with them and how to make them work once […]

What are DE Usenet Newsgroups

What are the DE Newsgroups? The DE newsgroups, also known as Deutsch Newsgroups are newsgroups that contain discussions in the German language. The majority of these discussions go on between users from Germany or Austria. Why DE Newsgroups? There are many Deutsch newsgroups in Usenet so it made sense for them to have their own […]

Cross Posting in Usenet

You can cross-post your message to more than one newsgroup if your message is relevant to more than one group. Cross-posting is easy to do, and it is similar to emailing to more than one person. Simply put a comma between each newsgroup name you wish to post to in the address field. However, remember […]

How to Add Newsgroups to Usenet

Creating a new newsgroup is a great way to keep Usenet alive and kicking with new ideas for people to share. Fast Usenet makes it very simple to add a new group. We can add any newsgroup to the alt* hierarchy. All you have to do is send us the name of the new newsgroup […]

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