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Free Usenet Newsgroups

What is a free newsgroup? Basically, newsgroups are a means of “public discussion,” using Usenet. (Usenet, in its basic form, is a set of computer servers that host newsgroup articles for people to look at) They are place where people can post newsgroup articles (messages). These messages look similar to e-mails, but they could possibly […]

Free Usenet Newsservers

A free newsserver is usually not used for research or archival service but mainly used for ongoing discussions in certain newsgroups across Usenet. For most free newsservers, third party software, such as the newsreaders Xnews, News Pro, News Bin Pro, or News Rover, is not needed. What you can use to access the free newsservers […]

German DE Newsgroups

What are German Newsgroups Deutsche (German) newsgroups are normal newsgroups that can be either in the German language, or refer to topics related to Germany. You can recognize German newsgroups by the telltale ‘de’ prefix in the names of most such groups. That indicates “Germany” and a discussion group mostly in German. Other prefix or […]

Free Usenet Newsgroup Hierarchy

The free groups (free.*) are similar to the alt.* groups. Every user is free to do whatever they like and that’s why most ISP’s treat free.* groups like alt.* groups. Only certain free.* groups are carried and they have to be requested by one of their customers for them to show up on the servers. […]

Free Usenet Binaries

Free Binary Files on Usenet? So where can one find the largest number of free binaries on the Internet? The place for free binaries is certainly Fast Usenet. What exactly are those free binaries? Well, chances are they can do any Internet user a huge favor. “How so?” you may ask. It is very simple. […]

French FR Newsgroups

If you’re French or like French newsgroups, Fast Usenet is the place for you. Fast Usenet carries over 120,000 newsgroups and French newsgroup we have plenty of. The French newsgroups are a great way for French country men and woman to keep in touch when they are away from their homeland. The basis of French […]

Finding Newsgroups

Today Usenet hosts more than 120,000 newsgroups. In its early years, it contained only a handful of groups centered on the needs of a very narrow audience but today it contains newsgroups on virtually any subject of interest to a substantial number of people. With its evolution, Usenet has become more and more difficult to […]

FAQ Newsgroups

What is FAQ Newsgroup or Newsgroup FAQs? What is meant by FAQ newsgroups is the Frequently Asked Question article that almost every group in Usenet contains. The purpose of this Frequently Asked Questions document is to explain the purpose of the newsgroup to newcomers, to outline the rules and procedures that are to be followed […]

European Newsgroups

What are the European Newsgroups? What the term “European Newsgroups” refers to is all the newsgroups that contain discussions in one of the many languages spoken on the European continent. Countries With Usenet Hierarchies There are separate newsgroup hierarchies for the speakers of different languages specific to the different countries in Europe. Most of the […]

Etiquette for Newsgroups

When it comes to Newsgroups, there are a few manners that you should become familiar with have before entering into these groups. I am going to list some of the rules below for having newsgroup etiquette before you continue into the newsgroups. You, as an individual should be going into these newsgroups, knowing some of […]

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