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Internet Usenet Newsgroups

Internet newsgroups are publicly readable by everyone and for the most part publicly writable, although some newsgroups are moderated which means that the postings pass through a human to check for suitability before going out to the whole world. Basically, an Internet newsgroup is the Internet version of a computerized “bulletin board” where people leave […]

History of Usenet

Usenet was born approximately 3 decades ago, in 1979. It all began as a small communication network between a few universities in the United States used to trade information, news, and research results. It has grown from a simple design without an official structure, to a logical network linking millions of people and computers to […]

Linux Usenet Newsgroups

Usenet is probably one of the main reasons Linux exists today. Linux newsgroups are an excellent forum of collaboration among the hundreds of thousands of Linux developers worldwide. It is imperative for such forum to exist in order to facilitate the growth and improvement of the Linux OS over time. There are numerous Linux newsgroups […]

How to Access Usenet Newsgroups

The first thing you need to be able to access newsgroups is access to Usenet. Some ISPs offer access to Usenet but most of the time you are better off with a good specialized Usenet provider because the ISPs’ Usenet servers are usually very slow, have low retention and completion, and do not carry all […]

Google Usenet Archive

Whenever you are looking for a certain topic in Usenet and don’t know where to find it, the Google archive is a good place to look. Google archives all of the messages that they receive so that when you search for something in a newsgroup you can select the groups’ page on Google and it […]

Usenet Xbox, Nintendo, Playstation Newsgroups

If you are a computer or video game fan, you must be hooked up to Usenet. This ever growing part of the Internet provides numerous ways of sharing information on games (PC, Xbox, PlayStation, etc). Usenet is something similar to a huge message board on which you can meet other people with interests similar to […]

Usenet Game Discussions

Talk About the Latest Video Games Look no further. Usenet is the best place for discussing the latest video games with fellow gamers from around the World. It is not a place that everyone knows about and that is what makes it so much fun. You can find unique game information in the newsgroups that […]

Free Usenet Newsgroups

What is a free newsgroup? Basically, newsgroups are a means of “public discussion,” using Usenet. (Usenet, in its basic form, is a set of computer servers that host newsgroup articles for people to look at) They are place where people can post newsgroup articles (messages). These messages look similar to e-mails, but they could possibly […]

Free Usenet Newsservers

A free newsserver is usually not used for research or archival service but mainly used for ongoing discussions in certain newsgroups across Usenet. For most free newsservers, third party software, such as the newsreaders Xnews, News Pro, News Bin Pro, or News Rover, is not needed. What you can use to access the free newsservers […]

German DE Newsgroups

What are German Newsgroups Deutsche (German) newsgroups are normal newsgroups that can be either in the German language, or refer to topics related to Germany. You can recognize German newsgroups by the telltale ‘de’ prefix in the names of most such groups. That indicates “Germany” and a discussion group mostly in German. Other prefix or […]

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