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Posting to Usenet Newsgroups

Usenet posting is something that has many different rules depending on which news service provider you have. Each news service has its own set of rules, just as each newsgroup has a set of rules. If the group pertains to video, then one would not want to post an image file in that group. That […]

Free Usenet Newsgroups

You Get What You Paid For It is possible for users to find and utilize certain Usenet newsgroups for free. Those newsgroups are hosted by free or open servers in Usenet. Your ISP may also provide a newsgroup server as a part of your Internet service subscription. Chances are, however, that server isn’t worth its […]

Web Usenet Access

What is Usenet Web? There are many names for it that you may have heard but basically Usenet Web is a way for Usenet members to access their favorite newsgroups and participate in discussions or download files (binaries), or just browse and look at what ís there. Other names for what Usenet web refers to […]

Movie Discussion Newsgroups

Movie discussion newsgroups have been around since the invention of sliced bread. These types of discussion groups are some of our most popular at Fast Usenet, ranging from movie reviews, movie hype, movie mistakes, and what’s hot and what’s not. A large portion of the Usenet community spends their time in those groups, talking about […]

Inactive Usenet Newsgroups

The term “inactive newsgroups” refers to newsgroups that have nothing being posted to them. In most cases, however, the inactive newsgroups have nothing being posted to them. In the Usenet community, there are hundreds of thousands of newsgroups and over time you’re bound to have some here and there that tend to fail as in […]

Newsgroup Alt Groups

Because many people weren’t happy with the way the BIG-8 newsgroup hierarchy works, a Usenet administrator one day started the alternative groups (which are alternative to the BIG-8 groups). Basically, he tried to create certain groups as BIG-* groups, but the main Usenet provider at that time refused to carry his groups, so he created […]

Adding New Newsgroups

Adding new newsgroups is done just about every day, here at Fast Usenet. We offer the largest newsgroup list in the world and if there is something we don’t have, our customers can let us know by simply submitting a small form with the hit of a single button, and we’ll have it added in […]

Usenet Indexing

Usenet as a service doesn’t necessarily function on its own. Files and information need to be posted in Usenet by users and exchanged through peering. These would be indexing options allowing Usenet’s environment to thrive and function. Usenet is based off of the trading and downloading of files and discussions. Usenet customers can share recipes, […]

Hot Newsgroups

Looking for Exciting, Hot New Groups in Usenet? Look no further! Fastusenet.org is the ultimate location for hot, new Usenet groups. We have more than 100,000 groups for you to choose from and with this selection, we’ll be sure to satisfy almost every taste and preference there is! What Kind of Hot Groups Do You […]

News Service Providers

Usenet is an integral part of Internet. Yet it is significantly different from all other Internet services like World Wide Web, FTP, or GOPHER. In order to utilize Usenet, the user must obtain Usenet access from a specialized provider of such service. So in order to access Usenet, the customer must have both an ISP […]

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