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Newsgroup Administration

Most of the groups available in Usenet are free for anyone to post to. In most cases it is up to the poster to observe the rules of posting and not to spam or post off-topic in a newsgroup. However, there are also some groups which have appointed newsgroup administration bodies which ensure everyone is […]

Usenet Newsgroup Articles

Newsgroup article refers to a few things in the world of Usenet. One is what you see on your screen when you log into the server and start researching through the newsgroup articles. The articles will have information in the header which represents them. You’ll see things like the name of the person who posted […]

Public Usenet Newsgroups

Public Usenet refers to news servers that provide free Usenet access to the public. There are over 100,000 newsgroups in Usenet and most Internet Service Providers provide access only to a subset of newsgroups. The most common newsgroups are available from Internet Service Provider companies, but sometimes you may wish to explore newsgroups offered by […]

Newsgroup Netiquette

What is Newsgroup Netiquette “Netiquette,” a mixture between “net” and “etiquette,” refers to the informal rules that Usenet users follow (or should follow) while exchanging information with others in Usenet newsgroups. Netiquette is not comprised of official government regulations, or laws, it is simply the ethical way in which users should behave when visiting this […]

Newsgroup History

The basic concept of the newsgroups and their history are pretty interesting. The idea of Usenet and its environment evolved from a basic existence. Usenet is now worldwide and fully functional across many platforms and computers. The basics of newsgroups and message trading came from what was known as a BBS or Bulletin Board System. […]

Newsgroup Censorship

What is Censorship? Censorship is the act of examining books, movies, films, web pages, or other material and the subsequent removal or suppression of what is considered morally, politically, or otherwise objectionable. Many different people from many different areas read and use the news in Usenet. That means that there could be thousands or millions […]

Newsgroup Downloaders

Newsgroup downloaders, also known as newsreaders, are programs that can be used to download content from any existing Usenet newsgroup to your machine. Picture downloaders are programs that are specifically designed for downloading image files from Usenet. There are also universal downloaders, which can be used to download all kinds of binaries, including videos and […]

Usenet Article Completion

Newsgroup completion is something that is very important when choosing a newsgroup service. Some say the article completion rate is the single most important criteria for selecting a news service, 90% + completion rates are a must have feature. Completion is something that is only related to multi-part binary files. All binary files are broken […]

Newsgroup Newsreaders

A newsreader is a software application specifically designed to read articles from Usenet. Because of the way that information is posted to Usenet, it must be decoded and often combined from split files before it is useful to the user. This is where a good newsreader can be very useful. There are many newsgroup providers […]

Usenet Newsgroup Discussion

What is a Newsgroup Discussion? Newsgroup discussions are conversations between two of more people that go on in the Usenet community that is comprised of hundreds of thousands of newsgroups dedicated to different areas of interest. Most often, these discussions involve many users around the world and what makes them so valuable are the different […]

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