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Newsgroups Soc.* Hierarchy

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Social Usenet Newsgroups Hierarchy

One of the BIG-8 groups in newsgroups is soc. This newsgroup hierarchy is made up of groups primarily addressing social issues and socializing. The hierarchies like many of the other BIG-8 are actually made up of many other hierarchies. Some of these lower hierarchies include soc.support, soc.religion, soc.org, soc.history and soc.genealogy.

Within these groups, there are also many accepted groups for this hierarchy, and some of these are:

Soc.culture.usa – the group discusses the culture of the United States.

Soc.culture.british – this group discusses the culture in England.

Soc.men – this group contains social discussions about men.

Soc.singles – a group about singles and discussions with the goal of meeting new people and possibly dating.

Soc.history.medieval – a group that discusses medieval times and society in that time.

There are many more popular groups in the soc.* hierarchy, but these are just a few of the groups that make it a well-liked hierarchy. Make sure when you are posting to a group that you are in the group that is most relevant to your post, as one might be created that is more specific to your discussion and not so broad of a topic.

Most posters will frown on this if you post in the more generalized topic group and not in the one that suits you best, so make sure you are posting in the most appropriate group before you go ahead and post your message.

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