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Most of the people who have ever used Usenet know how important it might be to hide one’s true identity in Usenet. Privacy is something that is becoming more and more important everyday on the Internet. There are always new stories of people involved in identity theft crimes, where their information is stolen and used to open credit cards in their name and other such instances. Fastusenet.org is concerned about this and that is why we provide the more secure Usenet connections using 256bit SSL technology. It is now easy to browse and post in Usenet newsgroups with total confidence. The IP address you used will not be tracked and your downloads will not be monitored either.

When you sign up with Fastusenet.org, we will do everything we can to ensure this privacy. Information will not be sold; e-mail addresses will not be compromised as well. You can be certain that when you use Fastusenet.org, you are using the best and most secure Usenet Service Provider out there. Fastusenet.org makes your newsgroup privacy possible. One other suggestion when posting to Usenet and to hide your identity is to give a second e-mail address, so you will be able to read the replies to your posting, but it won’t reveal who and where you really are.

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